Major general of the stars

《星际少将》是原作者“悠佑玥” 发布到证道中文网的一部科幻作品。

Major general of the stars / Young Major and Her Galaxy

Leng Yu had a sloppy rubbish collector father, a dumb and mad mother living together with her on a backcountry planet.
Although it sounds unbelievable, her mute mother had been a professional armament designer of energy in the past.
Ever since her early childhood, Leng Yu had been taking injections of a strange blue fluid that enabled her high levels of mental ability.
However, while she took this as her everyday life, the peaceful time was gone. And The hatred and bloody desire had aroused.

出场人物:Characters on stage
冷玉:Leng Yu,冷玉,少女主角,heroine。
冷泽浩:Leng Zehao,冷玉的父亲,糟老头子,Leng Yu's father,,bad old man。
霍泽婷:Huo Zeting,付家的星卫队第四小队长,帅气,拽,the fourth captain of Fu's star guard, is handsome and domineering。
Major general of the stars